Sherpa Classic Back in Black and Gold Pen/Sharpie Marker Cover

  • $39.95

Sherpa Back-in-Black...and Gold Sharpie/uni-ball* Metal Marker and Pen Cover

What is it about black and gold that just looks so good on a pen?  Our Back-in-Black...and Gold Sherpa looks great in any suit or boardroom, even if it's just a cheap, plastic pen inside.  All the more impressive is that this design is 100% assembled and packaged in Denver, CO!

*Includes FREE Fine Point Black Sharpie Marker AND Sherpa Black Medium Roller Ball

To use the Sherpa simply pull off the cap, unscrew the black grip section and place your uncapped disposable pen or marker into the empty barrel of the Sherpa.  Once the disposable pen or marker is in place screw the black grip section down over the tip to seal it into the Sherpa shell.  It's that easy!

Compatible Refills: 

  • Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers
  • Sharpie Liquid Accent Highlighters
  • Sherpa Fountain Pen
  • Sherpa Roller Ball Pens
  • uni-ball Vision Pens
  • uni-ball Vision Elite Pens
  • uni-ball DeluxePens
  • uni-ball Vision Needle Pens
  • Papermate Liquid Expresso Fine-Point Felt Pens
  • Pilot V-Ball Grip Pens
  • Pentel Tradio Stylo Pen (Replacement Cartridges Only)
  • and more... 
*Sharpie, uni-ball, Papermate, Pilot Pen and Pentel are the properties of their respective owners