Sherpa Pen - Bic, Papermate, Linc Metal Ballpoint/Stylus Pen Cover - Brushed Steel

Sherpa Brushed Silver Stick Ballpoint/Stylus Pen Cover

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Sure you can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig but I guarantee when you put your ugly stick ballpoint pen into this Sherpa Ballpoint/Stylus Pen Cover it will look a thousand times better than a swine with some rouge.  

Whether you secretly enjoy using a Bic Stick or forgot your favorite pen and need to use that hotel pen the Sherpa Ballpoint/Stylus Pen has you covered (pun intended).  The included touchscreen stylus that adorns the top of the cap will also come in handy for that big PowerPoint presentation.    

The way the pen works is that you take just about any stick ballpoint pen on the market (i.e. - Bic, Papermate, etc.), untwist the back end cap and slide the uncapped stick ballpoint into the aluminum barrel.  Screw the end cap back on until it is snug and you are ready to roll.  The magnetic cap is just the icing on the cake (and fun to play with for the fiddler's among us).  

Width: 2.5"
Length: 6.8"
Height: 0.90"