Sherpa Jetball Adapter - Refillable Rollerball for Classic/Special Edition

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Love to use fountain pen ink but don't always like writing with a nib?  You're in luck!  The new Sherpa Jetball Adapter allows you to transform your Classic Sherpa pen into a refillable rollerball in seconds.

Simply load the Sherpa Jetball Adapter with an "International-standard" ink cartridge or converter and your Sherpa is ready for the best of both worlds; fountain pen ink in a roller ball pen.  

Each JetBall Adapter comes packaged with (1) piston ink converter and (1) black ink cartridge. 

  • Montblanc
  • Waterman
  • Private Reserve
  • Diamine
  • Visconti
  • Faber Castell
  • Pelikan
  • And many, many, more...

  • Installation:

    Installation in Sherpa Pen

    Remove the standard grip section from your Sherpa Classic Pen and replace it with the Sherpa Jetball Adapter.

    Ink Cartridge Installation

    Insert compatible ink cartridge into the back-end of the Sherpa JetBall Adapter until you feel a small click/pop. Allow 15-20 seconds for ink to reach the tip of the Adapter. On rare occasions it may take longer for the ink to reach the tip. If this occurs we recommend allowing the pen to sit overnight so the ink can fully saturate the feeder.

    Ink Converter Installation

    We recommend filling the ink converter with ink prior to installing it in the Sherpa Jetball Adapter. While it is possible to suck ink up through the tip of the roller ball this can lead to "vapor-lock" and ink-flow issues. For the best experience always fill your ink converter and then install it into the Jetball.


    Slow Ink Flow - Ink is coming out but not at a sufficient speed for writing

    Take a tissue and press the tip of the JetBall Adapter against the tissue on a hard surface for several seconds allowing ink to bleed on to the tissue. Once the ink is flowing correctly remove and reinsert the cartridge/converter to avoid overflow issues.

    No Ink Flow - The Adapter is loaded with ink but will not write

    If this is your first time using the JetBall Adapter it may just take some time for the ink to reach the tip. If this happens please allow the filled pen to sit overnight so that it can fully saturate the feeder.

    If you have used the JetBall Adapter before and it has run completely dry and won't start again then the best solution is to soak it in lukewarm water for 1-2 hours. Once the grip section has soaked use the included ink converter to force water through the feeder (fill the converter with water, install it in the JetBall Adapter and then reverse twist the piston to force water out of the converter)