What?!?!?  A PENCIL in a Sherpa Pen!!!!

What?!?!? A PENCIL in a Sherpa Pen!!!!

Sometimes things are just meant to be...  

While we have gotten several requests for a pencil over the years, the nature of the Sherpa pen shell just hasn't been a good fit for this writing mode.  Most pencils require a back or side button to be pushed in order to extend the lead and many are far too long to fit into the Sherpa.  

In spite of these challenges, we continued to keep our eyes open in the hopes a solution might find us.  Well, as luck would have it,  when doing some back-to-school shopping, the answer revealed itself.


How to write with a pencil in a Sherpa Pen

Of course!  A push pencil will always stay the same length (a very important detail) and there's no need to carry around a pencil sharpener.  In fact, with some extra refills the lead could even be changed without ever opening the Sherpa case.

After searching 100's of listings and testing several variations we finally landed on these Emraw No.2 pencils, as the best option for the Sherpa pen.  


Literally, the only thing you need to do is take the cap off of the Enraw pencil and install it into the Sherpa just like any other refill.  The tip will stick nicely out of the Sherpa grip giving you ultimate visibility while writing.  The tip also fits comfortably inside of the cap when not in use making sure your tip is always protected (and you're always protect from the tip, ouch).

The ONLY downside we have found so far, is that they do come in bright/glittery colors, which can be a turnoff to some.  That being said, there is only a small amount of the pencil that is visible.  If you are a pencil-lover, the trade off is minimal given the pleasure that will come from using the Sherpa as a pencil.

Sherpa Pen with Emraw push Pencil insert

If you find any other options that fit please e-mail us at info@sherpapencovers.com and we will add them to our post & refill list.  

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