Collection: Sherpa Pen Classic Contemporary Series

A New Chapter in Sherpa Pens - The Classic Contemporary Series:

Step into a world where tradition meets innovation with the Sherpa Classic Contemporary Series. This collection redefines our commitment to craftsmanship and design. The inclusion of rose gold trim marks a milestone, adding a touch of opulence that complements the iconic Sherpa silhouette. The newly redesigned center ring takes center stage, infusing a modern aesthetic into the heart of this timeless classic.

Pearlescent Finish - A Symphony of Depth and Sophistication:

The pens in this series are adorned with pearlescent finishes, creating a visual symphony beyond the ordinary. Each finish – Sapphire Shimmer, Sparkling Rosé, and Arctic Aurora – is a masterpiece of color and depth. The marriage of these pearlescent hues with radiant rose gold trim elevates the collection to new heights, making each pen a statement of refined taste and style.

Please note:  The Classic Contemporary pens will accept all of the same refills and adapters as the standard Classic collection.