Papermate Liquid Flair xfine Felt-tip Pen (0.8 mm) - Black

Papermate Liquid Flair Felt-Tip Pen - Extra-Fine (0.8mm)

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Papermate X-Fine Liquid Flair Felt-Tip Pen

The Papermate x-fine Liquid Flair felt-tip pen is a joy to use for anyone looking for an ultra-fine pen.  The 0.8mm felt tip adds excellent control and vibrancy to your writing.


- Black (31001BH)

- Blue (31003BH)

- Red (31002BH)


- 0.8mm

Compatibility: Fits ALL Classic Sherpa's, Special/Limited Edition Sherpas.  DOES NOT fit Ballpoint Sherpa.

*We recommend weekly use with this refill to prevent drying out.  If the refill will not be used for a long period of time please remove the refill from your Sherpa and re-cap with the original manufacturer cap.