Sherpa States Series: Louisiana Limited Edition - Pen/Sharpie Marker Cover

  • $44.95

Get your masks and beads out, it's time to celebrate our newest Sherpa State Series member, the Louisiana Sherpa!
Inspired by its Mardi Gras heritage, the Louisiana Sherpa is dressed up in traditional purple, green and gold and features a metallic gold fleur-de-lys design on the front. In the background, cascading fleurs pay homage to the wrought iron beauty that adorns the balconies and buildings of the historic French Quarter. The themed gift box also commemorates the year Louisiana was welcomed into the Union.
Sure, this may not be the same as tossing beads from balconies and drinking endless hurricanes, but we promise you will feel much better about yourself in the morning.
Product Details:

-Each Louisiana Sherpa has been hand-assembled in the US and engraved with its individual edition number.

-This design is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide and comes packaged with a protective felt sleeve, black Sharpie marker, black Sherpa roller ball and Louisiana-themed gift box (stamped in gold foil).

To use the Sherpa:

Simply pull off the cap, unscrew the black grip section and place your uncapped disposable pen or marker into the empty barrel of the Sherpa.  Once the disposable pen or marker is in place screw the black grip section down over the tip to seal it into the Sherpa shell.  It's that easy!

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